To allow for a smooth vehicle transit between shore and ship, a Linkspan system can used. There are several different types of Linkspan but in common for all types are that they are hinged to the quay at the shore end and adjustable to fit different water levels and vessel drafts at the seaward end.

Linkspans are divided into four main categories:
Mechanically Supported Linkspans
Integral Tank Linkspan
Floating Linkspan
Submerged Linkspan

Type of Linkspan that is most suitable for a certain port are determined by several different factors, such as vessel type, port infrastructure, environmental conditions and similar.
Auto Mooring

To optimize turn-around time in port, an automatic mooring system can be used. It will secure the vessel in the berth in a fast and precise way by mechanically connect the ship to the port. An Auto Mooring system will also create a safer working environment in the port by reducing the amount of manual work that needs to be carried out close to water.

Each Auto Mooring system is tailor made to suit the local environmental conditions in the port and the requirement for the ships it will serve. It can be designed to allow a wide range of operation methods, all the way from fully automatic, operated by pushing a button onboard the ship, to be operated manually by push buttons on operation panel on shore.